Silent is the Heart Killer

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

When you have too much coffee, it places a strain on your heart. It is a terrible feeling of chest pounding pain.

I have had this feeling too many time to court. Are my days over of high octane coffee. No, it only requires moderation and self-control to stop the hurt and potential injuring of my heart.

Does it feel like love lost? Worse….so don’t complain!

Following Artists Around the World

It comes to me in waves. The urge to search for the divine, the unique, the ever expanding universe, we call art. I find that it soothes the savage beast inside of me. It makes me want to create art, in comparison to the artists I find on the internet. I just wonder If I can even compare. Time will tell 🙂

The Handshake

Handshaking whale

Whale giving the universal sign of courtesy: The Handshake 🙂

Sometimes, the curiosities of life strike you with uncanny signs of humanism. For example, a diver in the Pacific realizes that a whale is reaching out a hand. For what you might wonder? Well, in this case, it is to give him the universal sign of courtesy: The Handshake 🙂 The handshake has been around for a long time and it was a sign that your were unarmed and giving your respect. Has it changed?

Well, the verdict is out. Handshakes exist and not just in movies. I give one every time I meet someone and I give one to my friends as a sign of friendship…Anyways…

It is Easter and I wish everyone peace and prosperity and I will not forget, long life. This goes out to all, even my enemies…




Here we go again

Here we go again

It is one of those days that everything is going well, and I have inspiration from above. I actually exhilarate in the knowledge that I am learning. For your information, I am learning HTML5 and CSS3. It is fun and exciting to create something, reminds me of child birth without the pain. This isn’t infantile humor; it is high brow. It is as much a desire to express my self through computers that I find myself at peace without the constant drone of doubt. I will continue my studies with HTML5 and CSS3, and I will also go to church tomorrow to find solace in the Lord 🙂

Starting A New Career

It an’t over until the fat lady sings

I am Ironman

I am told that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.
It is a wonderful aphorism but it doesn’t cut the cheese.
You have to have a strong will and a survivor’s instinct to
accomplish your goals and a solid foundation of principles.I am starting something new, something fresh, and I am excited to be a part of something bigger than me. It is wonderful and I get to use my new skills. Being part of GHNI, I will bring my web skills and put them to the test. I only hope that I have prepared enough and I don’t fail. Wish me Luck 🙂